Trailer: Launching Built on Web3 Soon!!

We're so excited to announce the launch of our new podcast Built on Web3! A show for the web3 curious.
Built on Web3 is a podcast for the web3 curious.

Each week we'll chat with someone that is actively building something in web3. The biggest question we constantly have ' What are the real world use cases of all this amazing new technolgy and how can i take advantage of it today?' this is what we're going  to answer for you each week.

Our guests will include product leaders, content creators, and marketers. We'll have on entrepreneurs building web3-native products as well as existing web2 businesses that are scaling into the world of web3.

We ahve a lot of really great guests lined up for you so be sure to hit subscribe however you're listening to us. You'll find us on all major podcast platforms as well as our youtube channel for the video versions of the epsisodes.

Once you subscribe you'll be notified when we lauch our first few episodes here shortly.

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Trailer: Launching Built on Web3 Soon!!
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